Karibu – TES Denmark (English)

Welcome to the Tanzania Educational Support Association
The primary goal of TES is to support activities within the field of education in Tanzania.

TES has been established by a group of individuals who in the past several years, have lived in, visited, and stayed in the country.

Our fascination of the country and interactions with the people has led to the establishing of a large local network, especially in and around Arusha, in the northern part of Tanzania. However, this great country also faces big challenges, among others within the field of education, and as most of us are educationists, activities within this field is a natural focus of our support.

To begin with we have, in partnership with a corresponding NGO in Tanzania, Education Promotion Network (EPN), chosen to support the establishing of a secondary school. The school is intended to be run according to some precise, sustainable principles of quality, and, if possible, to serve as a model secondary school in Tanzania. Furthermore, TES may support other, related educational activities in the Arusha area.

The problems within the field of education are conspicuous. For instance, there is a lack of trained teachers, and a large number of those teaching in the schools have inadequate teaching skills. It is very worrying that 60% of the students have failed their final secondary school exams in 2013.

All are welcome to participate in the activities of the TES Association, and the current annual membership fee is 100 Danish Crowns.

TES may be contacted by tesdenmark@hotmail.com